Custom website design

Have a small business? Represent your business online and have people find you.

Stand out from the crowd and gain an online presence for:

  • Online resume
  • Skilled labor services
  • Independent stores/restaurants
  • Consultations
  • Educational services/tutoring

All images will need to be provided. I do not do graphic design.

Service * Price
Single page from template $15
Multi page from template $40
Hosted site $100/yr
Domain/DNS mgmt1 $50/yr
Secure Site SSL $20/yr

Static Websites

This service is for people who want a website that is primarily used for displaying information. You can discuss the type of products or service you are selling but not sell them directly from the site.

The software used to create websites has a number of different themes that are available to view as demos and can be customized to fit your needs. Before any work is started, pick a theme and let me know any customizations that you would like me to make.

Do to the nature of a static website, updates are done manually by me and will be completed in a timely manner but not instantly.

Make subdomains ( that point to your other profiles and get traffic data using the popular Google Analytics.

Start the conversation

Fill out this form and lets get the ball rolling. We can discuss expectations and what you want out of this service.

Update your site that I manage

A form will be made available soon to update existing clients websites.

Want something more?

Send me an email with your ideas and we can talk through them.

  1. Includes the cost of a website domain ( Domain can be transfered to where ever you want if you wish to stop my services. [return]